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J Willa​​
​Healing and Mobile
 We are trained here in Calgary  from Mount Royal College, Calgary College of Holisitic Health, Alberta Massage Training, and Sait Polytechnic. We are licensed with the city of Calgary and  Registered with the NHPC, in good standing.  We are able issue insurance recipts for reimbursement.

 At J Willa Healing & Mobile in Calgary, AB, we know that the hectic pace of everyday life can leave you feeling like you’re running on empty. If you don’t take the time to refill and refresh, you will soon find your energy levels plummeting.
It may seem like getting a mobile massage is an indulgence of sorts—something that you should only give yourself on a special occasion or as a special treat. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You need to take the time to recharge your batteries, to release the stress and tension that your muscles accumulate from all of the tiny aggravations that you encounter throughout your day. 
This is why we feel it is so important to invest in yourself. At J Willa Healing & Mobile, we offer a variety of massage therapy and relaxation services that are designed to help you release the strain and stress that your tired muscles are holding on to. Therapeutic massage has been performed for centuries, and the health benefits that it offers are well known and scientifically proven.
Making sure that your body is in peak condition and not weighed down by tension and stress is not an extravagance—it is a prudent act to make sure that your body is always at its best. Doing so ensures that you can give all you’ve got to whatever you desire to pursue.
You know you need to invest in your career and your relationships in order to see them flourish. It’s time to also invest in yourself... Get in touch with J Willa Healing & Mobile Massage in Calgary, AB, and let us massage away the stress in your life with one of our signature massages, including our Therapeutic Massage. We will gladly come to you! We offer mobile massages in Calgary, AB.

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